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"Salvage the present, secure your future &  sleep again at night"

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Business Medical™

Analysing the current condition of your business & helping you to sleep again at night…


We get to the core of your business to discover where things went wrong; then recommend a course of action for recovery.


Over the past 25 years, we’ve seen recessions, booms and everything in between. We believe we’ve seen just about every business situation and problem there is. From this experience, we’ve developed our unique and effective Business Medical™ methodology.


This involves delving deep into your company’s history, its market sector, its people, and of course its finances. We need to work out where and when things went wrong and identify what can be done in the future to prevent the situation from arising again.


We will spend time in your business, talk to your staff and understand what makes you tick. In addition we help you set some new realistic goals and milestones.

Prognosis and cure are only possible once the root of a problem has been uncovered and fully identified.  Similarly, the key to helping your business to recover is detailed information on the past, present and projected state of your business.  


Our Business Medical™ will ensure that we have all of the salient facts at our fingertips and are therefore in a position to offer you the most accurate conclusions, recommendations and the best possible advice.  


It is essential that we identify when, where and why things have gone wrong in your business.  This is not an exercise in attributing blame:  this is merely a standard part of our process and a vital tool in examining the circumstances in which your business finds itself.  


We also seek to identify perceived and actual threats to your business and this is summarised in the SWOT analysis which forms part of the report we go through with you in our feedback meeting.


Other elements which comprise our highly effective Business Medical™ reviews may include:


 •  Competitor research

 •  Organisation structure and strategy

 •  Financial and solvency ratios  (key business performance indicators)

 •  Marketing & sales strategies

 •  Personnel scoring table  (to assess the suitability and effectiveness of your staff and their roles)

 •  Systems & processes


{NB: Report content will vary according to circumstance}


Once the Business Medical™ is completed we will arrange a feedback meeting with you to talk you through our in-depth findings and our recommended corrective actions.


At Business Rescue, our expertise and experience make us adept at achieving rapid action. Call us NOW so that we can put our expertise and experience into action and help you to escape from your current business pressures and save your business.


Your call allows us to gain a primary understanding of your company and answer any initial questions you may have.


We will then arrange either a face-to-face meeting or telephone conference with the consultant who will be with you throughout the business rescue process so that we can continue to learn more about each other and your company’s circumstances.  


This initial consultation is totally CONFIDENTIAL, FREE of charge and FREE of

obligation. (N.B. We may reserve the right to charge expenses)


Don’t forget that the first thing we do is take away all the pressure of your creditors. We instruct them in writing to stop calling you and call Business Rescue instead.


Regardless of your circumstances and the nature of your business, Business Rescue  will use an extensive range of strategies, methods and solutions, both formal and informal, to help you to save your business.


No one fights harder for you than Business Rescue.

"The key to successful diagnosis is information."

Once the Business Medical™ is complete, we will present you with a set of recommendations and observations, and create a step by step plan that will help you regain control and start the process of recovery.


Our sole aim is to help you to save your business, not bury it.


To speak to one of our experts about your business rescue, in confidence, or request a free no-obligation consultation, call Business Rescue on 


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"Salvage the present, secure the future and sleep again at night"

Feedback and recommendations

You can discuss your business problems in complete confidence. For a free, no-obligation consultation call:


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It costs nothing to talk...

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