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"Salvage the present, secure your future &  sleep again at night"

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     We offer a protective buffer that will give you breathing space and a good night’s sleep.

If you’re wrestling with problems such as County Court Judgements (CCJs), poor cash flow, creditors, funding or other issues, Business Rescue (UK) Limited can help you identify the cause of your problems and create a plan to get you back on track.


Business Rescue in its purest form is defined as proceedings to rescue and rehabilitate a financially distressed company.


Let's say those words again. Rescue and rehabilitate. We have no interest in burying your business via an insolvency process such as liquidation. We genuinely hope to save you and your business. It's been our mission for some time.

Our range of business rescue & recovery services include:

Coping with Creditors - If creditors are snapping at your heels, we can take away the pressure by dealing with them directly on your behalf.


Business Defence Measures - We can defend your position against creditor and predator attacks while you re-build your business.


All of our partners and consultants come from business backgrounds, so we have first-hand experience of what it’s like to feel under attack when the going gets tough.


Once you’ve identified that your business is in trouble, Business Rescue can step in to protect you against unexpected creditor and predator attacks. The important thing is not to panic; we can advise and guide you while you re-group and begin your business turnaround strategy.


Attacks can come in many guises including:


 •  County Court Judgements (CCJ)

 •  Winding up orders

 •  Statutory demands

 •  Bankruptcy

 •  Receivership

 •  Liquidation threats

 •  Bailiffs


Rescue Strategies - New rescue strategies that will improve the current state of your business and help you move forward.


Our Business Medical™ process will help identify the potential of your company and allow us to recommend the best rescue strategy for your business, its situation and the market.

Often this can involve significant changes within the business which could impact:


 •  Cash Management: Understanding the cash and working capital cycle in your business.

 •  Operations Management: Analysis of the day-to-day operation, communication and flow of  

      information through your business.

 •  Pricing Policy: re-evaluating your pricing policy, and looking for innovative ways to make your

      product or service more attractive to customers.

 •  Product/Service: Recommendations for modifying your range of products/services and considering

     the potential for range consolidation or expansion.

 •  Marketing: Assessing your existing marketing strategy, your existing markets and identifying new  

      market potential.

 •  People: Consider whether or not you have the right team in place to take your business forward. Help

      with redundancy/outplacement, or recruitment and training.


Asset Protection & Personal Guarantees - We can help you protect and secure what is most valuable to you and your business.


Financial Options - Business advice and restructuring that will help secure your funding needs for future growth.


Some businesses have enormous potential for a turnaround but find themselves getting into difficulty due to lack of adequate financing. Our Business Medical™ will bring financing issues and market potential to light, and from there we can work with you to discuss and recommend some of the many options available. All of our service providers are used to dealing with businesses and individuals who have suffered financial difficulties.


Our recommendations and advice can include:


 •  Adverse credit solutions

 •  Invoice factoring/discounting

 •  Asset finance

 •  Plant/machinery finance

 •  Vehicle/equipment finance

 •  Hire purchase and leasing

 •  New banking partners and Private investors


Business Closure - When it’s certain that your business cannot thrive, we can guide you through business closure options to bring things to a swift conclusion.


Our goal is always to try and help clients rescue, recover and renew their businesses where possible. But sometimes we have to face the inevitable truth that recovery cannot be a viable option. Our Business Medical™ process will provide the information required to make these difficult decisions.

We can guide you through your options to salvage as much as possible and leave you with some dignity to consider your future.

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