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Debt Management Planning & Debt Solutions

When it rains, it pours! Extreme creditor and debt pressure can leave you and your business feeling overwhelmed.


However it doesn't have to be the end of the road for your business, as Business Rescue (UK) Limited and our expert debt management team will help you with a plan that is designed to help you recover and move forward.

Losing sleep over creditor pressure?


If unsecured creditors, trade or HMRC are snapping at your heels, we can take away the pressure by dealing with them directly on your behalf. That should hopefully make you feel a whole lot better.


If together, we can then identify a commercial debt management plan to help your business recover and move forward, there are ways that we can help you with your management of legacy business debt whilst you get back on your feet.


We have experience in delivering a range of commercial debt management solutions to fit most situations but generally we will look to explore informal schemes of arrangement in the first instance.


Importantly, and this is a message for all, don't bury your head in the sand.


Seek an acceptable solution for you, the business and your creditors.


Or more simply, why not let us handle this for you?

We understand that asking for help with any business issue can seem like a huge step, especially when you have to open up your financial information. Business debt and its management thereof, is no different. We are here to help.


When you started your business, you probably expected to make some great profits. When that doesn't happen it can become quite frightening to realise that your business is struggling to pay its bills.  


Thats why we created our business Debt Management solution.


It's good to know that we do not pass this out to a third party but actually deal with it in-house within our own specialist company. A company that has all the experience and skill to be able to deliver a sustainable and affordable repayment program to your unsecured creditors.

Our Debt Management Solutions:

It's a given that Business Rescue must review the company's position, so that will mean we will need to see books and records, year end accounts and internal management accounts where they are available.

From that we will probably assemble cash flow and profit & loss forecasts to ensure that a scheme is the right course of action for the business.


Once we have identified that a repayment is affordable we will then negotiate completely on your behalf, taking out all the emotion that may be involved with your clients, with you being unable to pay them as and when payment falls due.

When an informal plan is not appropriate or is unacceptable to your creditors, then a formal scheme can be proposed that has the benefit of a legally binding agreement.


We will discuss options such as a Company Voluntary Arrangement or a Scheme of Arrangement that usually involve a legal process with you at the right time.



 •  One monthly payment to us to manage all


 •  Any period of time (usually max. 5 years)

 •  Aim is to repay 100% of your debt which  

      makes creditors happier

 •  No upfront fees to find

 •  Flexible - can run two schemes if for e.g.

     HMRC require shorter period to pay

 •  Unrecorded at Companies House

 •  Creditors will usually see a payment by month

     2 of the scheme


 •  The scheme is informal and so any creditor

      still has the right to pursue the debt in the


 •  Unsecured and commercial debts only

For advice on implementing a commercial debt management plan contact:


03309 999 24 7


It costs nothing to talk...

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