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Dr. Ron Mitchell

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Ron is an ex company chairman and has first-hand knowledge of the pressures that come with this position. He has personal experience of how problems in a business can leave the owner/MD/CEO feeling isolated with all the problems appearing to fall on his/her shoulders. Stressed, not thinking logically and looking for help or support but too proud, embarrassed or scared to ask. Even so who to approach for an off the record discussion to review what his/her options are? Who can he/she trust?

Ron, having been in this position himself, is therefore ideally suited for that difficult discussion and early advice. Once engaged Ron will immediately help reduce the stress levels and begin to formulate an action plan with you.

•Business planning

•Manufacturing & Distribution


•Debt Solutions

•Company Restructuring

•Cash Flow Management

•General Management

•Raising Finance




Ron is a businessman and engineer having worked at Director Level with both large and small businesses before carrying out an MBO to own his own business. He has mainly worked in the Manufacturing and distribution industries supplying both the UK and overseas markets. He has been involved with the building, installation and commissioning of large food production facilities and as such is familiar with the problems associated with contracting and formal (JCT) contracts.

In later years he has also been involved with high tech products with a substantial R&D requirement.

Ron has excellent analytical skills and enjoys the challenge of finding solutions to complex problems. Having worked his way up through the ranks of production management he is well able to communicate and motivate people at all levels while also being a firm believer in ensuring that the necessary management controls and monitoring processes are in place to record how the business is performing.

Ron has been with Business Rescue since 2008 and whilst being involved with many rescue scenarios his previous management experience has led to a number of his clients engaging him as a part time mentor and sounding board for their businesses as they have moved forward.


Qualifications & Accreditations


PhD (Physics)

Previously C.Eng ; MIMMM; M.Inst.P

Part of team winning Frost & Sullivan’s award for Excellence in Technology in the field of ultraviolet technology.




In many respects it is not what you know but who you know. Over his many years in business Ron has built up a huge range of contacts and as such, if necessary, can bring in specialist help or maybe make an introduction for further business opportunities.

Ron lives in Braintree and is ideally placed for that commute into London as well as covering Essex and Suffolk. Call him today for chat or to arrange to meet. If the matter is urgent then within reason he will drop everything to get to you ASAP.



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t: 01376 553441

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