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Midlands Branch

Midlands expert Mark Bradford is a business turnaround specialist with over thirty years' experience of business finance, development and restructure behind him.


The business insight offered by the Business Rescue Midlands team is the result of experience gained working with businesses at all stages of operation. Mark has built up and sold startups, secured investments, planned and carried out business development, working as managers, directors, consultants, recruiters, financial advisors, and has guided clients through all manner of difficulties.


Covering a large but specific area, the Midlands team has worked mainly from this locality in businesses with regional, national and international interests. Knowing the area and its businesses, with knowledge also of the national and international opportunities available to the Midlands, they are able to assess a business’s trading potential with accuracy.


Mark has specific experience in catering and leisure having built up and sold hospitality businesses and investing in startup companies within the sector. Developmental and financial planning, on the whole, is one of their greatest strengths, projecting targets and predicting outcomes.


The Midlands Team takes a tenacious, measured and communicative approach to problem solving and assisting clients. Their ability to take stock and offer solutions is appreciated by any business they work with.


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