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"Salvage the present, secure your future &  sleep again at night"

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Are you a professional or Introducer?

We have been helping Accountants, Solicitors, Lawyers and general business professionals for over 25 years help their clients.


The team at Business Rescue are very committed and passionate about helping businesses. We are able to give your client(s) an extensive range of bespoke solutions and advice, all from our rescue experts who are based in your area.


Have you got clients wrestling with debt issues, CCJ's, creditor or HMRC pressure or just general business problems? We can help.


Let's cut to the chase. We pay you for the introduction. Should you wish not to accept we generously make a donation to a charity or foundation of your choice.


    Business Rescue remains the original and 1st emergency service for business.  


We are a bespoke organisation of business professionals specialising in business rescue, recovery and development. We are NOT insolvency practitioners. We get to the core of your client's business to discover where things went wrong; then recommend a course of action for recovery.


We DO NOT simply wish to bury your client's business.


"Seeking out solutions to your client's problems and keeping them for you for the future, allowing you to retain valuable fee income in the process."


Our Rescue, Recovery & Renewal Approach


We work holistically & non-competitively with you and in effect become your own in-house turnaround specialist.

  •  We can save your clients.

  •  We protect your fee income.

  •  No costs or fees for you - in fact, we will pay you!

  • We present professional solutions and recommendations in a detailed   report to your clients at a time they need it.


Experienced in many market sectors, we can work with any size firm in any market sector. However our team of experts has particular experience and knowledge of: 


 •  Family businesses

 •  Recruitment

 •  Professional services firms including Accountants & Lawyers

 •  Manufacturing

 •  Retail

 •  Research & Development

 •  Mechanical & Electrical / Building Contractors

 •  Motor Industry

 •  Restaurants, pubs & hotels

 •  Sports Clubs

 •  Agriculture & Farming

For more information about how we could help your clients and save your ongoing and future income.....


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"Salvage the present, secure your clients future, help them sleep again

at night."

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It costs nothing to talk...

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